It All Starts with Our Hands-On Lessons

STEM Lesson Kits was built on the foundation that students needed to be engaged in the classroom with more than just computer generated models. With that in mind, we started by developing our hands-on lessons. Our lessons feature a mix of both proprietary and non-proprietary products that are interwoven into engaging hands-on experiences.

Team Building

With STEM Lessons Kits your students will be fully engaged in their own learning. Working together on projects they’ll have specific science focused roles that ensure their groups success.

Hands-On Science

Each of our lessons includes a hands-on component. We believe students learn best when their minds are engaged and we accomplish that with our interactive hands-on lessons.

Targeted Learning

We understand that each state has standards and that’s why we’ve designed our products to be focused on those standards. Make sure to mention your state when asking about kits.

Easy To Use

Teaching science can be challenging, but not with our product. We’ve designed our kits around ease of use and deployment so every teacher has the opportunity to teach!

Our In-Class Lessons Expand to our Online Learning Platform

One of the key distinctions between our product and our competitors is our proprietary online learning platform. We connect the lessons that you teach in-class with our online system to allow students to self-check their data and understand their results. Teachers will recieve access to our online gradebook where students grades will be recorded upon completing their assignment.


Student Self-Checking of Data Collected using 3D Animated Simulations

Applying Knowledge Gained in Investigation/Project to Daily Activities

  • Speed Review
  • 5 Question Quizzes
  • Extras – Rewards

Completely Online Grade Book Compiled from Student Results

Education for ALL Students

Our lessons are all designed with one purpose in mind. We believe that education should be for all students and be an inclusive experience that enriches minds and creates opportunities for discussion. With our blended learning approach, students learn both through the teacher and their own hands-on experience.

Lesson Guides for Success

We hear you – preparing to teach a science class can be difficult! That’s why we’ve prepared lesson guides to ensure everything leading up to the lesson and the actual day of is guided through a step-by-step process. This helps you ensure you understand what you’re teaching and the students achieve the intended results.

Quality Sourced Materials

One of the key concerns we’ve heard from educators is the difficulty of finding the right quality materials to perform hands-on experiments. This is one area where STEM Lesson Kits really shines for both educators and students alike. We source not only high-quality, but accurate products to ensure that when your kit arrives, you’ll have what you need to teach the lessons. We even have proprietary teaching tools you’ll receive as well.

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